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We have partnered with Meritize to provide a wide range of financing options 


Tuition Details 

  • All persons interested in enrolling are asked to register one week prior to the

beginning of a session in-order to allow time for the criminal background checks to

be processed. Registration fee due immediately.


  • Students may pay the full tuition upon enrollment or opt for a two-payment

option. Those opting for the two-payment option must pay 50% of the fee at the

time of enrollment. The other payment which is the balance due or 50% of total

payment is due two weeks prior to course completion. No interest is charged by the



  • Supplies not included in course fees are uniforms, watch with second hand,

blood pressure cuff and stethoscope.


  • Student Responsibility: Background check & fingerprints, TB test, uniforms,

BLS CPR, drug test (if needed), state testing fee for written and skills check off.

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